About Me

I’ve been working as a professional photographer all my adult life.

Apicozest was founded in 2016 and completed various projects in India.

Apeksha Jog, founder of Apicozest is an ex-teacher turned photographer. Despite the fact that her formal education was in literature and her initial choice of career was in teaching, her undying passion for photography led to the creation of Apicozest.

Apicozest, Apeksha for “Life is a series of baby’s steps.”, is the ethos upon which She has built her photography brand upon. She thoroughly loves and enjoys what she does and makes sure that all ‘parents’, ‘mums to be’ and other clients go back feeling the same.

Apeksha loves nature and the outdoors and her work is strongly inspired by that. She specializes in both candid photography as well as portraits. She specifically recommends ‘the storytelling’ style of photography for those who love candid photographs.

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